Regicide is an Aurelian primetime television drama that airs on Network Three. It premiered on September 9, 2013, and stars Eliza McLean, Vince Fournier and Jamie Lee Abrahams.

The show was renewed for its current and second season in April 2014, which premiered in the September of that year.

Plot overviewEdit


At the age of 21, whilst working as a waitress at a country club, Katrina Ross (Eliza McLean catches the attention of the sixty something businessman, Patrick Johnston, the so called "King of Purbeck" (Vince Fournier). She then becomes his mistress, travelling around the world with him in a lavish lifestyle, whilst Patrick tries to maintain the facade of his failed marriage to his wife Anna (Helen Lewis). After two or so years of their secret affair, the media reveals Katrina as "the woman who broke up Purbeck's happiest marriage". Although Patrick and Anna stage a fake public reconciliation, Katrina can't shake her negative reputation, and finds herself unemployed and broke.

Five years later, Katrina manages to assemble a group of Johnston's biggest enemies, and with them she plots to "kill the king". Katrina adopts a new identity and look, ready to put her plan into action.

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Cast and charactersEdit

  • Katrina Ross (played by Eliza McLean)- Katrina seems like a typical Purbeck princess on the outside, but in reality she's a clever and cunning young woman.
  • Patrick Johnston (played by Vince Fournier)- The so called "King of Purbeck", whose self-made business has made him a billionaire
  • Anna Johnston (played by Helen Lewis)- Patrick's wife of nearly forty years, although his longtime reputation as a cheating playboy means that their marriage is no more than a facade
  • Joe Johnston (played by Jamie Lee Abrahams)- Patrick's second eldest son, with his sights set on a political career, thanks to his wealthy father's connections. He falls victim to Katrina's schemes in season 2
  • Edward Johnston (played by Tom Timothy)- Patrick's eldest son, and heir to his business empire. Patrick's playboy lifestyle catches up with him though, as he falls victim to Katrina's plot for "regicide"
  • Grace Johnston-Nichols (played by Angelina Harrison)- Joe's wife, and mother of his two young children. She seems like the ideal politician's life, but it soon becomes apparent that she isn't all she appears to be
  • Jacob Johnston (played by Liam Henley-Jones)- Patrick's estranged son, whose naivity and foolishness makes him all too easy for Katrina to manipulate
  • Theodore Fischer (played by Rick Matthews)- the journalist who ruined Katrina's reputation, and one of her first targets